About Marx’s Razor

The site has been up for a good month now, yet none of our authors have written an introduction. First of all, we sincerely apologise for my tardiness in writing this; we have no excuse other than sheer laziness (Lafargue wouldn’t see this as a bad thing, however!).

The modern communist movement should not shy away from criticism- we certainly do not. As such, all views, critiques and debates should freely published in its press. This freedom of criticism will only contribute to the strengthening of Marxist theory by discrediting all revisionism, economism and other vulgar trends that currently run through the communist movement like a virus runs through the bloodstream. This “ruthless criticism of all that exists” must also encompass the outdated and incorrect assertions of communists- no matter how extolled their name may be.

Our goals are as follows:
1. to propagate Marxism
2. to make Marxism relevant to current material conditions
3. to combat the revisionists and philistines who distort and twist Marxism, and to return to the Marxism of Marx and Engels (or rather, their method), rather the geopolitics of a bygone era.

We have no illusions. We are aware that we will not inspire class-consciousness in the minds of all proletarians; we aren’t foolish enough to think that we will have 6,000 subscribers in a month (or even ever). We, like the proletarian revolution, have no time for the great man theory. As such we do not sign our names when writing articles- all pieces are published under the collective banner of Marx’s Razor.

Our ultimate aim is that of all communists: for the proletariat to seize political power, destroy and assimilate all other classes, and complete its historical task of abolishing itself as a class which will create a classless, stateless society (or, in simpler terms- free-access communism). For now we will continue propagating Marxism, restoring its principles and reclaiming it from the philistines and revisionists, and making it relevant to modern conditions. In doing this, we will be actually doing the work of the Bolsheviks, rather than merely pretending to be them (as today’s Trotskyites and Stalinists do).

“There it is, my fate. One fighting campaign after another—against political stupidities, philistinism, opportunism and so forth.

It has been going on since 1893. And so has the hatred of the philistines on account of it. But still, I would not exchange this fate for “peace” with the philistines.”
Vladimir Lenin

Marx’s Razor, 31st December 2013


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